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What you need to know about Motor Mile Used Cars

The headquarters of Motor Mile Used Cars dealer are in Grand Rapids, MI. Our company is dedicated to ensuring that we meet each client's individual needs. We boast of a highly experienced sales team that is willing to offer all the necessary advice to clients concerning their car financing. We also allow our clients to access more information on a model that interests them through our online platform or by contacting our customer care desk. This will enable them to make an informed decision and choose the car financing option that suits them best.


What is the process of car financing?

The first step in car financing requires you to decide whether you want to use a dealership or a bank to finance your car. Using a dealership, such as Motor Mile Used Cars, to finance your car comes with numerous benefits compared to the traditional financial institutions like banks. This is because the dealership will offer flexible car financing options with attractive features such as zero consideration of your credit score, affordable interest rates, and short processing time. This results in many customers relying on our financing option.


Working on the loan terms.

Once you have chosen to finance your used car through Motor Mile Used Cars dealership, our staff will guide you on the available loan terms to help you understand them and choose a plan that you can work with. Setting the loan terms involves having to determine the down payment, monthly installments, interest rates to be levied on the loan, and the loan repayment term. We help our clients to settle for the loan terms that serve their interests and reflect their current financial status.


Loan signing

Once we have agreed on the loan terms, we will expect you to sign off all the relevant documents. You will need to review all the paperwork to ensure it is in tandem with the agreement and that you understand every aspect of the contract. Once all the paperwork is done, we will allow you to take possession of the car. The entire process can be quick; some clients are done with it in under a day.


Why choose Motor Mile Used Cars for your used car financing?

Are you seeking a used car loan to acquire your next used car? If you are, Motor Mile Used Cars is available to help you navigate the process of funding used cars through our finance department. Some of the factors that make our company stand out from the rest in auto financing are:

• We value the privacy of our clients: Are you worried about the privacy of the data that you provide to us? At Motor Mile Used Cars dealership, it is our company's policy to guarantee the confidentiality of all our clients. As such, all the personal information provided by our clients to aid with the loan processing is kept safe and its privacy protected. We do not give any third-party access to the data we have without our customers' consent.

• Access to the online loan application: To ensure that we make our loan processing exercise as convenient to clients as possible, we have made available an online auto financing application option. You can make your financing application online without having to visit our agents physically. Afterwards, one of our customer care personnel will get in touch with you.

• Motor Mile Used Cars uses its vast relationships with financial institutions to help you secure the financing you need to acquire a used car. Our company boasts of strong ties with numerous financial institutions, which we utilize when helping you to shop for a suitable loan company based on your economic status.

• Low-interest rates on used car loans: Motor Mile Used Cars acknowledges that for more people to access used car loans, the interest rate needs to remain as low as possible. As such, our auto financing for used cars is available at affordable interest rates to make it easy for you to purchase a car. If you have an existing loan, we can help you negotiate your interest rate through our refinancing services.

• Whatever your credit type, we provide financing for your used car: Most financial institutions are often reluctant to finance individuals with bad credit, a trend that ends up inconveniencing many people. If you have a poor credit score and is wondering where to seek your used car financing, Motor Mile Used Cars is the place to visit. We do not require our clients to attain a certain credit score to qualify for funding. We have highly qualified staff that will help you navigate the process of car financing regardless of your credit score.

• Flexible repayment terms: At Motor Mile Used Cars, we offer our clients access to a flexible used car loan to help them acquire the car that they want. We work with our clients to ensure that the loan repayment terms are flexible and within each client's financial capability to minimize the cases of default in loan repayment.

• Access to a wide variety of used cars: At Motor Mile Used Cars, we have a vast car inventory with different pre-owned vehicles that are available to our clients through financing. Whatever brand or model that you will wish to finance, we can help you find it within our inventory or through our CarFinder option.


If you want to finance your next car, do not hesitate to contact Motor Mile Used Cars today. Our website is


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